About Me

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  I have the greatest wife in the world, Cindy.   We have 4 of the finest boys, Hunter, Holden, Hayden, and Hudson.

Cindy and I are currently helping our second church plant get started.  I enjoy serving the people God has brought into my path.  I don’t have life figured out.  It is a journey that leads to new insights and new adventures.  (I am a Denver Bronco fan but will never stop being a Oklahoma Sooner fan.)

I enjoy reading, coaching, watching sports, and spending time with my family (sounds like something from a magazine).  I really enjoy 80’s music (I had a mullet in high school).

The books that have helped shape my outlook on life, organizations and my walk with Christ – Church Unigue, Simple Church, Influencer, Strength Finders, No Perfect People Allowed, Leadership by Rudolph Giuliani, Missional Renaissance, Axiom, and Soul Revolution.  My greatest mentor that I have never met is John Burke.  His writings and communication has shaped my thinking and helped mold who I am today (I hope to get a chance to have lunch with him sometime).


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