The Things You Do For Love

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Thoughts, Uncategorized

IT is really amazing to think about the things you did to catch the eye of that special person.  I remember having a phone bill that had 4 digits.  I was not making enough money to buy groceries but I was in love and I did not want to go without talking to my special lady (and yes, this was before the internet and cell phones).

My son Hayden has found what he enjoys, Taekwondo.  He has already moved up 3 belts to an orange belt.  His excitement is contagious and Cindy and I get excited seeing him enjoy his new-found love.  Because of that, we have done odd jobs and even sacrificed a little to help keep our son participating in Taekwondo.  Why?  Because you will do things for the ones you love.

I am sure we can all think of times when we made some great sacrifices for others.  People that we loved.  Some knew of our sacrifices.  Others still have no idea what we did, but we continued to do things, because we love.

Thinking back, who has sacrificed for you?  Give them a call, write an email, drop a line on Facebook, or write a hand written letter and send it by snail mail and tell them THANK YOU. Let love motivate you.


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