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I recently was evaluating my life and the journey it has brought me through.  I thought about the moments that I felt like I had failed, which led me to the question, “Did I Fail?”

The truth is I have made some very dumb decisions.  I have hurt others by my decisions and I have let a lot of people down.  Like the time I tried to get a volunteer to resign from her position.  I came up with a plan that would give her some time off.  My hopes were that she would enjoy the time off and come and resign to me.  Not a good idea.  After the “time off” was over, she was ready to get right back in, and she did.  After a few weeks of avoiding her calls and hoping for a good ending, I had to talk with her.

The conversation did not go well.  I listened, for what seemed like hours, about how I was a poor leader and I needed to be honest upfront, even if it was going to hurt.  I felt horrible.  She was right, she deserved better and I let her down.

If the story ended there, I would say I failed.  However, because of that blunder, I committed to myself to learn from this and become a better leader.  That moment hurt her and some others, but because of that, it helped shape my character.  Today, I make difficult decisions, but I am honest and clear about the decision.

I believe failure is when you refuse to allow your character defects to teach you to become a better person.  Don’t be a failure, learn and correct.  I learned a valuable lesson at the expense of someone else, but I am glad I learned the lesson.


Simple Enough…I Think

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Lessons, Thoughts

I am currently working on our church website.  I wanted to create a link for people to see what books we are reading and which books we recommend to read.  I thought I would contact to see if they had a service that would help me and it would give the viewers a way to purchase the book.  Here was the response I got…

If you wish to find a particular person’s Listmania, click on the Your tab, choose “People” from the Search pull-down menu, and enter the person’s name on If they’ve created a Profile, it will show up in the search results. To see if that person has created a Listmania list, simply visit the Profile page.

In the Address Bar of the persons Listmania page there will be a series of digits/numbers similar to this, “R2ZYGFW2FL4J5C”. These digits are the identification numbers for Listmania List in question and will change each time for every list you look at.

To include these lists in you’r astore you will first need to copy and paste Listmania list number “R2ZYGFW2FL4J5C” in a category of your aStore. To do this select or create a new category in your aStore. After you have selected a category or created a new category, click on the drop down box located on the right hand side and select “Add products from a Listmania! List” under Edit Category Page of the aStore

Paste in the Listmania List number in the box and click the save button of the category. After you have saved the category to your aStore, click the preview button and selected the category you added the Listmania List to. You will see that the list has been added to the category.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have future questions or comments. If you need to contact us back, you can do so by using the secure form at the following specialized link to assure we receive your message:

I hope this helps! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Did I solve your problem?”

I have a question……eahhh?

It’s Been a While

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Thoughts, Uncategorized

OK, I must admit.  It looks like I fell of the edge of the earth.  It has been a while since I have blogged.  My wife recently started a blog and she has challenged me to get back into sharing my life.

Well, this past year has been a crazy one.  Trying to Discover what my life is all about is fulfilling at times and frustrating most of the time.  I am sure I will share some of those thought as time goes on but right now I wanted to take the leap and get back into blogging.

Hope I can say something you can use or inspire you to become active.  Whatever the case, the discovery is all part of life.