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nuggetsHere are a few observations I have made as I watched the Dallas/Denver series.  Hope you enjoy:

  1. Basketball is not a “non-contact” sport.  I have seen more blood and intentional cheap shots in this series than I have in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  2. Fines don’t detour play.  There must be a better way to clean up the game then a fine.  These guys never miss the small amount of money they receive in fines.  They probably have insurance for this type of thing (if not, maybe a great idea for an insurance company to offer).
  3. Name calling can get national media attention especially when it is done to an opposing team players mom! ON MOTHERS DAY!  The sad thing is, is that it happens in youth basketball as well.
  4. People DO follow their chosen leaders.  The fans of Dallas have followed the pattern of their leader, Mark Cuban.  “Mello’s” girlfriend and K-Mart’s mom had to be issued extra security because of fan treatment.  Way to go, Mr. Cuban, you set the pace for everyone else.

Those are a few of my observations.  The lesson I get out of this is “Leaders be careful what you do, what you say, and how you respond to others, because those that follow you, will follow your example.”