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Posted: November 29, 2008 in Thoughts
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simplyamazingYesterday I had an amazing encounter.  Jon and I were looking for a new venue to possibly host preview services and maybe midweek activities.  We came across a beautiful house that was turned into a meeting place.  The house, at one time, had an indoor swimming pool, however it was filled in and covered with a beautiful wood floor giving someone a big space to have a service or even a wedding.  The whole place was great.

However, it was not the place that made the encounter amazing.  It was the people Jon and I met.  First, i was introduced to a couple that was interested in Discovery Church.  Cool, and they found out about it through FACEBOOK!  Even cooler.  God uses a networking tool like facebook to help connect people for a bigger purpose.  How cool is that.

The other thing that was amazing is meeting the couple that owns the house.  As we sat down and heard their story, I was emotionally moved.  Not because they had lost 2 companies and over 10’s of millions of dollars personally, but because of their discovery of what really is significant in life.  Oh, they still struggle from time to time, you would to, moving from a ginormous house worth a couple of million into a 1500 sq. ft. home with very limited space, but they are on a new journey together.  They are discovering family, character, God and peace.   Their discovery has been painful, to say the least, but to them, totally worth it.

As I got into the car to head home, I watched this couple walking away from a multimillion dollar house and walking to their new home, right next door, holding hands.  I could not help but to think that God loves us so much, He will do anything to get our attention because he wants us to Discover Him.


First, I would like to say that I have committed to do better at blogging.  I have allowed life to lead me rather than me lead life.  I will get better at taking time to write my experiences and thoughts.  So, here are my thoughts for the day.

Today, my family and I went to church.  Going to church is a normal thing for our family, however, today was different.  We went as visitors.  Our move to Parker, Colorado has been busy and this was the first weekend we were able to attend church.  Ironically, we visited Crossroads Church in Parker.  It is ironic because that is the name of the church in OKC that helped send us to church plant.

Honestly, I was a little nervous.  Not about attending church, but what would the pastor think, a church planter in the same town visiting his church.  Would he become territorial?  Or would he welcome us to the community and do what he could to help Discovery Church.  I tried to fly under the radar but that was not to be.

My friend Jon had already met the pastor and the pastor knew we were church planting in Parker.  After worship and a few announcements the pastor started sharing about other churches in the area.  He shared how a church across the street had been shut down by the city because of a sprinkler code that was not current and how he had agreed to let that church use there building to meet in.  Wow!!  As he went on, he started talking about Discovery Church, a new church plant in Parker.  He then asked Jon, Angie, Cindy and me to come up front.  The entire church prayed for us and he even mentioned that if there was anyone feeling the desire to help a church plant to talk to Jon.  Wow!!

I am so thankful for pastors that see the bigger picture.  I am thankful for the pastor at Crossroads Church in Parker because he has a desire to reach people more than a desire to build his church.  The amazing thing is Crossroads Church had 70 people five years ago.  Now they have over 800.  I bet I know why!!!  I believe God blesses those whose purpose is to win souls…even if it his helping a church plant in the same community.