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In the 80’s Van Halen had a # 1 hit, Jump.  I remember singing along when it would come on the radio, pretending to play the keyboard, and strumming my air guitar like I was Eddie Van Halen.  Those are great memories.  As you can tell I really like 80’s music.

As I scan the future of my life, I feel like I have taken that awesome group, Van Halen’s advice and I am jumping.  I am jumping into Church Planting.  Something I have never done.  Something I am so excited about.  Something I am scared to death about.  Sometimes, I feel like I am jumping from a diving board.  Jumping from a diving board showa intention and calculated moves.  A diving board shows excitement and others watching to cheer on your success.  Other times I feel like I am jumping from a plank.  A plank is surrounded by people who are watching you jump but only want to watch and see if you survive and have the confidence that you won’t! 

The reality of jumping from 2 different platforms is this.  I choose which platform to jump from.  Do I jump with the intention to succeed?  Or do I jump only to not fail?  How about you?

In the words of Van Halen…”might as well, JUMP”!


4 vs. 6.5 Billion

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Thoughts, Uncategorized, vision
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My recent journey through Church Planting Boot Camp was a major mile marker in my discovery of who I am and what God has called me to do.  During my time there, I was presented with this thought…”There are approximately 6.5 billion people on the planet and God intentionally selected me for an assignment.”  The assignment is planting a church in Parker, Colorado. 

As I think about that, my first reaction is, “God, surely you could have found someone better?”  The truth is, as I think about it, He couldn’t have!!!  I Corinthians tells me that “God deliberatlely chooses the exploited, ovelooked and abused…”  He deliberetly picked me!!!!  He knows my strengths and my weaknesses and out of 6.5 billion people…HE PICKED ME.

I know, you are wondering where the 4 vs 6.5 billion people?  Well, out of 6.5 billion he called 2 couples, the Hamps and the Gullions to partner together with the same vision to reach Parker, Colorado.   This assignment is bigger than one couple.  This assignment is bigger than 2 couples.  However, it is such an incredible assignment, God needed two couples to come together to begin the journey of launching something bigger than either couple could imagine.  Two couples, with one vision…Help families to Discover their place in the Family of God. 4 vs 6.5 billion people and He picked us!