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My family and I are about to take a huge leap of faith.  We are going from a home we own, a salary that gives us reliable consistent income, a school system we are comfortable and familiar with, and not to mention being close to family members (which helps when we need a sitter) to a life uncertainty.  The crazy thing about it is, IT IS MY CHOICE to do this.

Looking from the outside it appears to be social and financial suicide, AKA, stupidity.  I can certainly see how others might think that.  The truth is, I know I am doing the right thing.  I have never been more sure in my life.  I have control and I choose to place myself in the uncontrollable.

Several years ago when Cindy and I first got married (15 years this month), we made $305 a month.  We had $301 in school loans to pay each month and a whole lot of other living obligations.  Needless to say, we didn’t have much, but we made it and our faith was strong.  We trusted God for our needs and amazingly He came through.  Our rent was paid, our loans were paid, we had food, and we even were able to save some money to buy our first purchase, a couch and love seat.  Wow, those were the days.  How times have changed…

Now we are making more money then we ever have.  We have a retirement account, vacation, and even health insurance.  Sounds great.  The problem is, is that we have acquired more stuff and more debt.  We fight to survive and our faith is not nearly as strong as it once was.  I am not saying God doesn’t meet our needs today.  He does!  But, I miss the excitement of the unknown.  I miss the expectancy of God meeting my needs.  The truth is, I miss the faith I once had.

Many may think I am have caught the “stupidity” bug and are hoping that I come out of it quickly.  However, I feel like I have caught the infectious “FAITH FEVER” and I hope others catch it.  Am I scared?  Yes.  Do I get nervous?  Yes.  Do I worry?  Yes.  However, I know this time next year, my blog will be filled with faith stories.  Stories that will prove, this is not stupidity but faith.  And faith without works is dead!!!