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My 4 year old son, Hayden, loves to pretend.  His life goal is to grow up and be a “super hero”.  His idols are spider man, batman, and Ben 10.  He pretends to be all of them. Sometimes all of them “at the same time”.

Pretending is something we all do.  Especially in the “church arena”.  How often do we pretend everything is alright?  The truth…we probably “pretend” everyday.  Think about it.  The most commonly asked question is “how are you?”  The  common answer..”fine”.  Life can be crashing down down on us but we still answer “Fine”.

Allow me to stop pretending.  I am scared.  I have committed to church plant.  I am afraid of failing.  I am afraid of spending too much time working at the church and hurting my family.  I am scared of not having the ability to raise money.  I am afraid of missing an opportunity.  I am scared of making a decision too quick.  I am afraid of success (sounds crazy, but I have seen success out run character).

I am sure I don’t sound very confident or spiritual confessing these things.  However, I stopped pretending long enough to write a few things down.  I am sure many people who sit in our churches are experts at pretending.  Pretending that the marriage is great.  Pretending that the finances are abundant.  Pretending that we feel really close to God.  Pretending that reading the Bible is easy.  Pretending that prayer comes natural.  Pretending that we don’t struggle with rejection, lonliness, depression, and doubt. 

We often compare what we know about ourselves with what we don’t know about someone else.  We look at the “spiritual super hero” and assume they have everything together and we compare them to what we know about ourselves and it doesn’t look good.  So, what do we do…PRETEND.  Pretend everything is great and never honeslty talk about our real struggles and doubts.  We go through life pretending.

My son loves to pretend and I enjoy watching.  I guess pretending starts early in life.  Will we ever stop?


Half truth is a Lie

Posted: July 23, 2008 in Thoughts
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Here is a few thoughts from a very creatie pastor in Missouri…

It happens all the time.

We think we know what happened because our friend told us what happened, and that is all we needed to hear. We are now an authority on a subject for which we have less than half the facts.


We made our decision based on the information that was presented by a single individual or organization. And now, because we trust we have heard the truth, we have determined right and wrong, innocence and guilt, without ever receiving any other point of view.

Whether you are hearing a story from a friend, learning about a product on television, or reading an editorial online, Proverbs 18:17 says, “The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him.”

In other words, If all you have heard is one side of the story, then you haven’t even heard that.
Half a story is only half a truth and half a truth is basically a lie.

Keep in mind, the first one to present their side always has a distinct advantage in making their case. So do not make a decision until you have seen the other side of the coin. Proverbs 18:17 reminds us that just because someone told us their truth does not mean that we know the truth.

How do I judge?

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Thoughts
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The other day I came across a quote that made me think.  “We judge others by their actions, but judge ourselves by our intentions.”

How true it is.  I often let myself off the hook because I know my intentions.  However, actions can often speak differently from our intentions.  I find myself expecting others to walk a very high standard (a standard that is landscaped with my own prefrences) but don’t hold myself to the same standard.  Ouch!! 

So the best thing I can do before I JUDGE others, is to start with the idea that..they have very good intentions.  When I do that, it is hard for me to judge.