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I read a statement today.  “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”  Sounds pretty generic and obvious, but oh how I wish for a short cut.  The problem with shortcuts…

  1. Not a lot of experience is gained in a shortcutInstruction + Example x Experience = Success
  2. Few mistakes.  Sounds like a good thing, but mistakes are some of the best teachers.  “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”  Abraham Lincoln
  3. Lack of true fulfillment“There are 2 types of people who never achieve much in their lifetime.  The person who won’t do what he is told, and the person who does no more than he is told.” Andrew Carnegie
  4. No a lot of building blocks“Success is a continuing thing.  It is growth and development.  It is achieving one thing and using it as a stepping stone to achieve something else.”  John Maxwell

Shortcut can be very appealing but real success is gained over the journey.  How about this quote, So let’s not get tired of doing what is good.  At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.  Apostle Paul.


The other day, Memorial Day to be exact, I got this crazy idea to rearrange the bedroom furniture.  I did what every good husband should do, I ask my wife if I could.  With her approval I took some simple but important steps.

  1.  I took an inventory of what I had.  There is a basic truth that before you know where you want to go, you must first know where you are.  Evaluation and inventory is not fun.  It can be very painful but it is necessary to move into the right direction of your destination. 
  2. I visualized what the room would look like when I was done.
  3. I created a plan on what items I would move and what procedure I would move them.  Simple is good because furniture can be heavy.  A Simple Plan is the best plan.
  4. I started moving. 

After cleaning behind the dresser, under the bed, and getting the cable hooked back up to the new location for the TV, it turned out pretty good.  The only problem now is getting used to waking up and seeing a different wall.  But hey, different is good.  I see my room from a different perspective.

Have any dreams?  Evaluate, make plans and start moving to reach your dreams.  Rearrange a few things!!!



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The other day I came across a very interesting article.  The title…”What if no one were fat?”  Carry a little extra baggage myself, I was interested in what it had to say.  If noone were fat, we would save $487 Billion dollars!  That would equal a check of $4,270 per household.  Wow!!!

Here is how they came up with the numbers…We would save in gas (gasoline that is), both in airlines and automobiles.  it is estimated that an overweight person burns an extra 18 gallons a year driving a vehicle.  The airlines fuel consumption would double the profit margin of the airlines.  In return they would extend the savings to the consumer and we could fly a lot cheaper. 

The clothing business would save money.  Less material would mean less expense, in return would equal lower costs.  It is estimated shoppers would save about $10 billion dollars.

Because 3500 calories translates into a pound of fat, somewhere along the way people have consumed 16 trillion calories too many.  That would equal 14 billion Big Mac meals with fries and a drink.  The cost for those burgers, fries and drinks… a whopping $81 billion dollars.  That equals McDonald’s profit amount for the past 4 years.

Very interesting.  I am guilty of eating a few of those Big Mac’s.  I know one thing for sure, I am committing to eating healthier.  I figure I could lose a few Big Mac’s around my waist.  If I do that, I can have more money in my pocket or in my gas tank (my automobile).

Here is an intersting thought….”What if no one were Mean?”

The Journey

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It has taken me a while but I have a blog site.  What a journey I have been on.  It started with being interested to read what others had to say about what I was interested in.  Then the journey took me to a blog roll that allowed me to read what more people had to say about the things I was interested in (I also came across stuff that I really was not interested in). 

The journey then took a turn to participation. “I can do this” but have no idea how to begin or create such a slick looking blog spot.  I had 2 choices, 1) ask someone how to do this, or 2) jump off the diving board and learn to swim on my own.

Well, I would say that the first option is probably the quicker and better option, but I took the second.  After a few hours of searching, paying a fee (which I found out I didn’t need to), and surfing through different looks, I finally have a small grasp on how to do this.

My journey so far has been full of experience and mistakes.  Isn’t life the same way, experience and mistakes.  I guess that is why I wanted to start this, I make a lot of mistakes and you can learn from them.  I have learned from others experiences and look forward to learning more on my New Journey!